Individual training of attention concentration and effective learning techniques for children, thanks to which new things are learned effortlessly!

Online individual course 

Are you worried, when your child spends yet another hour on arduous studying and still finds it difficult to recall the most important information?
Are you fed up with the fact that it forgot about a math test yet again?

Does it bother you  that the school makes your child rewrite textbooks instead of teaching it effective note-taking?
Is your child unable to recall what the last book it read is about?
Do you feel that it should work on its memory and attention focus?
 If such situations happen to you and your child, you feel that it is overwhelmed by studying, you worry that it will be even worse when your child is promoted to the next year, you have the impression that the school online lessons have taken away its eagerness and passion to acquire knowledge, you are concerned about its future – THE MEMORY AND ATTENTION FOCUS COURSE IS EXACTLY WHAT YOUR CHILD NEEDS!
The individual course on memory and concentration is dedicated to children and adolescents aged 8 to 18.
The aim of the course is:

Individual course consists of:

What will your child get thanks to memory and attention focus training?

  • It will focus better during lessons and, in turn, remember more from studying at school
  • It will remember more from read books and learn how to take effective notes from it, which will help it do better in exams
  • It will develop its imagination and creativity and so will deal better with difficult challenges
  • It will link facts better and faster
  • It will learn dates, foreign language vocabulary or a difficult definition more easily and faster and, in turn, reduce the time spent on studying for an important exam or test
  • It will believe in itself and its skills and so it will not be afraid to take on challenges and learn new things
  • It will reduce the studying time and, thus,gain more time for developing its passions and interests!

What will your child learn in the course?

how to memorise foreign language vocabulary
taking notes effectively with the Mind Map and the Cornell Method
how to memorise numerical data (dates, figures)
the method of symbol, which can be employed when learning spelling rules or tabular data
how to memorise poems, definitions or formulas
it will do a lot of specialised exercises during which it will train its memory, attention focus, perceptiveness, auditory attention and mathematical skills
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Before trial lesson you are going to pay 185 EUR (213 USD) as a initial payment. In case of not taking part in our course we will return you all your money!

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 Before trial lesson you are going to pay 185 EUR (213 USD).  

You can resign after the first demonstration class. We will fully refund your payment for the participation in the course then!
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Individual course consists of:

Parental opinions

My daughter Kasia has started her Best Brain journey in September. She already had few classes in English with a fantastic and professional teacher Wiktoria Bogusz. I highly recommend Best Brain individual courses. My 14 years old daugther really likes her classes and she believes it helps her to organise school homework and prepare for her exams more effectively.
Catherine's mother
My son was taking advantage of the individual Best Brain classes for around 2 years. It was education at the highest level. Classes were held professionally, using the cutting edge remote learning technology. My son was very satisfied with the classes and made the most of them.
Bartholomew's mother


Frequently asked questions

Classes are run with the ZOOM application.

No, we don’t. A computer with Internet access with be enough. We also recommend using the free ZOOM application for a higher reception quality. A turned on microphone and online camera are required as well. 

In the case of the individual course, you can resign after the first demonstration class. We will fully refund your payment for the participation in the course then. 

The memory and attention focus trainings are run by qualified Best Brain coaches, who are also memory athletes :):)

The course is for learners at primary and secondary schools.

In the case of the individual course, there is a possibility of spreading the payment over 4 instalments.  

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