Boral Brothers

Are you dreaming about really helping your child learn and acquire new skills? If you are a parent committed to your children’s development, the answer is probably “yes”. For many years, we have been helping children and adults alike acquire knowledge more rapidly – this is our story.
 We are Bartłomiej and Tobiasz Boral. When we were kids, we were diagnosed with dyslexia and both of us had serious health problems. Our stays in hospitals and clinics resulted in a large number of days of absences from school. Yet, we were given another thing, too.

Due to the wisdom of our parents we passed through intensive imagination and memory training. Initially, it was great fun, but as time went by, we noticed how much this training had contributed to our lives. Apart from our having breezed through school education, we participated in plenty of contests, won many prizes, diplomas and prestigious grants, but what is most important, we always had time for our passions, i.e. singing, playing the guitar, chess and sports.

After many years we started to train memory again – this time for sport. After success in the Polish Championships as the first Poles ever we went to the World Memory Championships, were awarded two medals and took the sixth place as a team – that was something! After our arrival home, someone asked us to organize a training session which became first of many in our life (which was a start of our memory training journey). We quickly realised that it was our vocation from the Lord. Sharing our passion and skills so that it could be easier for others. For many years we spent time upgrading our courses, started training coaches, wrote a book and participated in many television and radio programs, as well as continued to be successful in the World Memory Championships, engaging many people with this sport.

Nowadays we realize that techniques of effective learning and memorizing need not be the key to success at all. The crucial issue is good training. Memory improvement techniques themselves, described in many books, will not change our learning in a trice (under presure, in a stressful situation), but intensive training under supervision of a qualified coach and according to the method of effective learning has the potential to change a lot. This style of training builds self-confidence, speeds up the learning process and converts (makes) the learning process into an adventure.

What distinguishes us today is the attention to detail that is the most important in memory training. The memory course is not about learning to memorize as much as possible in the shortest possible time (although it’s nice when a 5th grade elementary school student memorizes an 80-digit number in 18 seconds) – but we know that the goal is to develop the imagination, flexibility of mind, concentration of attention and speed of associating information.

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