We teach master techniques memorizing and concentrating attention, that help children and adults take advantage of the possibilities of their mind!

We conduct classes with children, adolescents and adults, which are aimed at improving memory, concentration of attention and creativity and teach techniques of effective learning so that acquiring new knowledge is an interesting challenge!

Memory and concentration courses for:

kurs pamięci dla dzieci


Individual online courses for children aged 8 to 18.

The most important elements of our method


During the course, we do a lot of exercises with a minimum of theory


Each of our trainers is a memory athlete who can memorize quickly and efficiently lists of words, numbers, words of foreign languages, etc.

Monitoring of results

Each exercise is scored and written down. Standardized periodic tests allow you to objectively assess the child's progress as the course progresses


A set of several dozen types of exercises and the passion of the instructors allow for dynamic and interesting activities, even for the youngest participants


All methods and exercises are performed with full awareness. We do not bring into Alpha states, we do not use NLP techniques or other dangerous methods


We have been creating the course for many years, creating new exercises, modifying the pace of introducing new exercises and their scope



Bartłomiej and Tobiasz Boral

About us

We are passionate about mental development, masters of memory, the first ever representatives of Polish at the World Memory Championships, finalists of The Brain. Brilliant Mind, authors of the book “Memorization Techniques”. In our work, we model, m.in, on the creator of the method of mind maps prof. Toonym Buzan, whom we met personally.

Thanks to proper training of imagination, creativity, concentration and memory, we could win the titles of champion and vice-champion of the Polish, medals of the world championships of memory and the title of European champion. Our students are the winners of many medals of the Polish championships, representatives of the country at the international championships of remembrance.

Our proprietary method is the result of our personal experience and knowledge acquired over the years from the best memory athletes in the world.

bracia Boral

Our performances in The Brain. Brilliant mind

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